Red, White & Blueprints

Red, White, & Blueprints is a documentary film project that highlights several of the most innovative initiatives, individuals, and emerging ideas in the Rust Belt, and makes the case for why we still matter as a region. From St. Louis to Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, & beyond; the sole intention of this film is to inform and inspire a new generation of leaders to take the vital actions necessary to revitalize our great region.

The film debuted at the 37th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival on April 9th, 10th, and 11th to four sold out theaters! We are now “making the rounds” with the film, as we gear up to launch the Rust Belt Revival Tour in the summer of this year (2013). Below are the currently scheduled screenings of the film, which are free to the public unless otherwise noted:

Sat, May 25th – Arts Collinwood – Cleveland, OH – 6pm
Wed, May 29th – Euclid Public Library – Euclid, OH – 6:30pm
Tues-Sat, June 11-15th – SouthSide Film Festival – Bethlehem, PA*
Sat, June 22nd – Cleveland Public Library – Cleveland, OH – 2:00pm
Tues-Sun, Nov 14-24 – St. Louis Int’l Film Festival – St. Louis, MO*

Where you see an * next to a screening, it implies that there is a cost associated with that particular event.

When we began this journey, we had no money, no gear, no contacts, and no idea where we might end up. Three years later, we’ve managed to raise enough funding to purchase our own gear, travel the Rust Belt region twice, collect over 100 hours of stunning footage, and get covered in several credible media outlets including The Atlantic Cities, GOOD Magazine, and Cleveland Magazine. All of this has been made possible with support we’ve received from like-minded, passionate individuals like you who share our belief that this hard working region still matters, and deserves to have its story told.

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